New Pictorial Book "The Ancient Tales of Howly" by Ashim Das Unveiled at Howly Sahitya Sabha Bhawan

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Howly, 17th march – Emmerging author and founder of Howly Digital, Ashim Das, is set to launch his latest masterpiece, "The Ancient Tales of Howly," on 17th March 2024, at the prestigious Howly Sahitya Sabha Bhawan. The unveiling event is expected to draw over 100 intellectuals and enthusiasts eager to delve into the rich history of Howly.

Ashim Das (Author)
Ashim Das

"The Ancient Tales of Howly" offers a captivating journey through the annals of Howly's past, beautifully depicted through vivid imagery and insightful narrative. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Das has recreated many images of ancient Howly, providing readers with a remarkably realistic visualization of the town's bygone era.

"হাউলীৰ পুৰণি কথাবোৰ"
অসীম দাসৰ সচিত্ৰ সংকলন পুথি

Speaking about his latest work, Ashim Das expressed his vision for the book, stating, "I wanted to create a bullet-point book that caters to readers of all ages, from children to adults. By keeping the language simple and incorporating visual aids, my aim is to make the fragile history of Howly accessible to everyone."

Das extended his gratitude to the attendees and all those who contributed to the creation of the book, acknowledging their invaluable support throughout the journey.

"The Ancient Tales of Howly" promises to be a captivating exploration of history, seamlessly blending text and imagery to offer readers an immersive experience like never before.

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About Ashim Das:

Ashim Das is a renowned author and the founder of Howly Digital. With a passion for history and storytelling, Das has dedicated his career to preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of Howly through various mediums, including books and digital platforms.

About Howly Digital:

Howly Digital is a pioneering platform dedicated to promoting the cultural heritage and history of Howly. Through innovative projects and initiatives, Howly Digital strives to engage audiences and foster a deeper appreciation for the town's rich legacy. Visit to explore more. 


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