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RJ Abhinav Renowned for his comic videos, the 32-year-old content creator shares insights into his journey, work process, and navigating the evolving creator economy.

Rj Abhinav
(Instagram)RJ Abhinav in World Film Festival in Cannes

Abhinav Chand, popularly known as RJ Abhinav, embarked on his journey as a content creator long before Instagram content creation gained widespread popularity. With 4.2 million and 2.5 million followers on Instagram and YouTube respectively, the 32-year-old has garnered immense fame for his "mehendi-wala" videos, showcasing insights from everyday scenarios in a candid manner. Alongside crafting reels for Instagram, Chand manages three YouTube channels, blending comedy, vlogs, and tech content.

His rise to prominence amidst the pandemic led to invitations to movie premieres, collaborations with Star Sports, and the distinction of being the first Indian comedy content creator to grace the Cannes Film Festival's red carpet. In an exclusive conversation with Forbes India, Chand delves into his journey, the burgeoning creator economy, brand collaborations, and more. Here are the edited excerpts:

Q. How did your journey in content creation begin?
A. My passion for acting blossomed during college, where I participated in theatre and street plays while honing my video shooting and editing skills through online tutorials. Around 2016, inspired by the ascent of content creators from the US and UK, I ventured into creating videos shared on Facebook. Concurrently, I joined a radio station as an RJ, balancing content creation on the side, thus initiating my journey.

Q. What is your content creation process like?
A. I thrive on spontaneity and seldom plan my content meticulously. Collaborating with creative minds in my team, we brainstorm trending topics, events, and scripts, swiftly transitioning from ideation to execution. With three YouTube channels under my helm, including one dedicated to tech, I maintain a constant lookout for delivering quality content to our audience.

Q. How did you navigate convincing your parents about pursuing content creation as a career?
A. Departing from my role as an RJ to pursue content creation initially unsettled my parents. However, I requested six months to explore this path, eventually winning their support as I proved successful. Initially challenging to define my work succinctly, the public platform visibility gradually acquainted everyone with my endeavors.

Q. What are your thoughts on competition within the creator community?
A. The burgeoning interest in content creation fosters healthy competition, propelling creators to innovate and explore new horizons. Embracing competition fuels inspiration, encouraging us to transcend comfort zones and infuse fresh perspectives into our work, vital for community vitality.

Q. Could you elaborate on your approach to brand collaborations?
A. Prioritizing alignment with my values, I evaluate brand collaborations based on their resonance with my beliefs. Ensuring organic integration within my content, my foremost allegiance remains to my audience, delivering branded content creatively and authentically.

Q. How do you sustain income within the creator economy?
A. The evolving creator economy offers ample opportunities, with brands increasingly collaborating with creators of varying followings. Leveraging robust engagement and numbers, creators can ensure sustained income amidst market dynamism, making the industry increasingly accessible and lucrative.

Q. What milestones do you consider significant in your journey?
A. Achieving the first million followers on Instagram and YouTube marked significant milestones for me. Additionally, launching my tech-focused channel presented a notable challenge, bridging the transition from comedy to a more serious genre. Walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival as India's first comedy creator was undeniably a crowning achievement.

Q. Any heartwarming anecdotes involving your fans?
A. During a backpacking trip in Europe, a chance encounter with a Pakistani shop owner, who recognized and appreciated my work, exemplified the warmth and kindness of fans, leaving a lasting impression on me.

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