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Merely a week since its inception, has already garnered notable traction, enticing an impressive 49,000 visitors

Howly, India — February 18, 2024 — Howly Digital, an avant-garde digital media enterprise, joyfully proclaims the introduction of its latest web portal,, devoted to exhibiting the opulent 600-year saga of Howly town. The platform endeavors to offer an immersive journey for its visitors, granting them a peek into the cultural legacy and notable milestones of this ancient municipality.

The mastermind behind this innovative initiative, Ashim Das, Editor and Originator of Howly Digital, voiced his elation regarding the website's debut. Das contemplated upon the demanding odyssey of curating and presenting centuries-old content, accentuating the trials and financial commitment essential to manifest this vision. Despite the obstacles, Das remains steadfast in augmenting the platform with further historical insights.

"We are elated to introduce to the public," remarked Ashim Das. "The process of crafting this web portal has been both demanding and fulfilling. While we acknowledge the strides we've taken, there is still ample ground to cover. Crafting historical content demands unwavering dedication, involving scrupulous research and substantial resources, yet the fervor to safeguard our legacy propels us onward."

Taking the helm in devising a captivating user interface is Bhargav Das, Co-Creator and Head of Operations (IT & Brand Solutions) at Howly Digital. Bhargav Das's proficiency in user experience design and web administration has been pivotal in molding the website's structure and operability.

Merely a week since its inception, has already garnered notable traction, enticing an impressive 49,000 visitors. This resounding reception underscores the burgeoning interest in historical anecdotes and mirrors the populace's inquisitiveness about Howly's storied heritage.

"We are humbled by the fervent reception to our web portal," remarked Bhargav Das. "It's gratifying to witness individuals embracing our endeavors to conserve and disseminate Howly's illustrious past. With this newfound curiosity, we acknowledge the entrusted responsibility and remain steadfast in continually enhancing the platform."

As continues to enthrall audiences with its historical chronicles, Howly Digital persists in broadening its content repertoire and furnishing an unmatched digital experience for aficionados of history worldwide.

For media inquiries or further elucidation, please contact: Ashim Das Editor and Founder Howly Digital media


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