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Anshuman Sharma a Viral Sensation

Anshuman Sharma
Anshuman Sharma performing with Salim Sulaiman in an Event

Maestro of music parodies Anshuman Sharma has once again taken over social media with his latest viral sensation. Known for his skill at turning Twitter and Instagram reels into musical gold, Sharma's recent projects include a mesmerizing rendition of timeless classic "Chand Sifarish" from Bollywood hit Fana But this time, Sharma took his creativity a step further, stepping into the era of artificial intelligence (AI) to give new life to a beloved song. 

Sharma and fellow artist Aditya Kalve have created an AI version of the mouth-watering "Chand Sifarish", featuring the legendary voices of Kishore Kumar and Rafi The original song, sung by Kailash Kher and Shaan, has long been a favorite of Indian film buffs. However, Sharma’s AI-powered reimagining adds a new twist to the songs, introducing listeners to a new universe where two of India’s most celebrated vocalists lend their voices to this unforgettable song. The video, which went viral on Instagram, showcases Sharma and Calway’s seamless fusion of technology and art. With expert precision, they have managed to recreate the essence of Kishore Kumar and Rafi, imbuing the song with a melancholy melody that resonates with listeners far and wide. For Sharma, this latest endeavor marks another success in his illustrious career as a social media entrepreneur. Having previously garnered attention for his hilarious musical comedies and educational videos, Sharma continues to push creative boundaries, captivating audiences with his innovative style In a world where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, Anshuman Sharma stands out as a beacon of originality and intelligence. With each new creation, he reaffirms his position.

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